Top industry insights from Mobile Growth House ATX 2018

On March 10th, 2018, the sharpest minds in app and games came together to satisfy their hunger for user acquisitions, retention, and engagement. Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Mobile Meat-up included a full day of sessions about insights and hard-won lessons straight from our industry’s forefront.


During this year’s event, we explored a variety of topics such as digital transformation, user acquisition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.


Transform the future with a digital decoy  

Arlie Sisson, Vice President of Emerging Technology at Conde Nast, started off the day by discussing digital transformation. “We need an app” can inspire actions that fit your company’s needs. Digital decoys help brands think about their mobile value proposition while also setting up for a successful launch and beyond.


User acquisition from day-trading mindset to real long-term customer ROI

Apps top brands’ customer touchpoint of choice, but the app ecosystem is changing. App discovery and user acquisition are problematic with all-time high levels of noise, fraud, and limited reach — 10% of mobile ads result in installs, 50% of mobile users do not download new apps. So, how do you reach and acquire quality mobile users for long-term ROI? This panel suggests going organic, mitigating fraud, extinguishing problems in their path, and more.


How machine learning can fast-track app growth

Building a long-term app business requires smart growth strategies focused on acquiring and retaining the right users. Google’s Universal App Campaigns automatically helps brands seek and keep high-value customers.


Orchestrating engagement

App marketers can all relate to wanting to move customers to relevant action. Successful mobile brands are unifying digital data, acting on engagement analytics, and orchestrating interactions to meet their customers’ goals and needs. In this session, Urban Airship leads a panel of mobile thought leaders on how to get started with orchestration, and things to keep in mind as you design omnichannel experiences, starting with mobile.


Privacy & transparency, can they coexist?

The dichotomy between data privacy and transparency is at an all-time high. With governments stepping in with strict legal ramifications, and corporations finding more ways to aggregate data, transparency is becoming a pipe dream. However, there are ways to leverage both of these methodologies while making sure your end users are fully protected along the way. In this session, Adjust and Headspace talk about best practices for adhering to GDPR and PII while still being able to optimize towards quality users. (Hint: It has to do with being transparent about what you’re doing with the data).


Finding magic moments: how to look beyond the touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Mobile data points should help brands create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more, but counting conversions for acquisition and engagement is just the beginning. How can brands find magic moments in user journeys to drive real value? In this session, Branch leads the conversation on best practices, critical KPIs to keep track of, and metrics that matter to mobile in a cross-platform world.


Can computers design marketing tests? Learn the power of artificial intelligence.

Growth is a continuous cycle of building, testing, and learning. As app marketers aim to grow faster, they need to be able to test faster. But marketers can only run a few tests at a time. What if a computer could make these tests for them? This session discusses how artificial intelligence is changing the way marketers can approach growth, from top of the funnel user acquisition through dynamic pricing.


The advertising opportunity on connected TV

Since TVs first became a household fixture, it has been difficult for marketers to attach meaningful numbers to the actual results that a national ad could bring. Fast forward to today, and the proliferation of connected TV’s combined with real-time trackable analytics allows marketers to see earned media statistics like never before. Viewers are now holding a mobile device making them ready to engage. This panel brings together experts in large-scale analytics and national advertising to discuss the new opportunities now available with what would typically be considered an “old school” push marketing play.

How blockchain will revolutionize digital advertising

Blockchain is impacting every industry with its transformative attributes, and digital advertising is next. The future of advertising is secure, verifiable, scalable, and standardized. Hear how XCHNG will lead the digital advertising revolution and what it means for app marketers.


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