Top 5 session takeaways from App Growth Summit NYC

This past month, App Growth Summit kicked off their first year of exclusive events in New York City. Industry leaders from across the United States shared their mobile app growth strategies to over 300+ app growth marketers, brand marketers, and other mobile app marketers and publishers. If you missed this debut event, keep on reading to discover the top takeaways from over 22 in-depth sessions:

Finance apps: user acquisition trends & benchmarks


This presentation by Matt Hawes from Liftoff covered the realm of the finance app vertical. From the latest data on user acquisition trends and benchmarks like cost and conversion rates, this session included the core strategies that fintech companies are employing to convert and engage their audience beyond the initial install. Some key takeaways were:


• Finance apps have some of the highest in-app conversion rates.
• Women are typically a missed opportunity.
• APAC is a maturing market in this vertical.
• Adoption rates in EMEA are low, leaving room for engagement improvements.


Protip: Liftoff will often put out these types of reports that focus on specific categories.


Demystifying mobile ad fraud


Katie Hutcherson from Adjust led our next favorite discussion on our least favorite topic: fraud. In a problem that’s ever-evolving, this session did a great job highlighting not only the various types of advertising fraud we see in the industry but also how to protect yourself from being next. Our main takeaway from this session we’d relay is that fraud doesn’t only affect your monetarily but also distorts your campaign performance and limits the ability to accurately benchmark performance metrics.


How to kill a start-up: A step-by-step guide on what NOT to do


As a startup ourselves, Yasmine Akermark of Sharehive’s session about the to-don’t list of all things startups spoke to us on a whole other level. Using the story of her personal startup failure with the mobile app Tibba, Yasmine defined the importance of recognizing skills your team is lacking. This includes either taking the time to learn what you need or hire someone to fit that need (especially on more technical pieces, such as development).


The young and the brandless


In one of the first sessions of the day, ANATOMY Media’s CEO & Founder Gabriella Mirabelli mentioned how young audience consumption habits are changing faster than some can keep up with. These companies struggle with grabbing the attention of younger generations and keeping them in your application. Protip: The first few seconds of any video or even the thumbnail itself can have a drastic impact on video consumption rates.


The new face of fraud: how fraud has changed


This panel led by our very own Miranda Chapman, senior manager of growth, may have been our favorite of the day – but we may be a little biased. The group discussed the ever-changing face of fraud and the steps they are taking to identify and reduce its many shapes and forms. For example, Amanda Carvell from RetailMeNot examined why it’s so important not only to identify but to mitigate the level of fraud in order to have that clean data that helps us understand where installs are coming from. Shamanth Rao of FreshPlanet shared a relevant perspective from the gaming industry and stated not to turn a blind eye to ad fraud just because the numbers are in your favor. Finally, Sarah Hawley from Feedmob covered fraud from the advertising platform side, explicitly covering the tactics Feedmob takes to uncover fraud while stating the importance of keeping the conversation of ad fraud open.


Miranda Chapman had this to say about the panel:


“We had a great conversation about not only how to identify, but mitigate fraud in the mobile advertising space, and why that’s so important. Different companies are affected by fraud in unique ways. It’s helpful to understand what sort of tools they find useful, and why it’s important to be aware of ad fraud and its effects on data.”


At the end of this session, Amanda gave the audience homework. She encouraged all advertisers to demand more transparency. To paraphrase: “with a collective voice, we can push the industry in a positive direction.”



Sad you missed the debut App Growth Summit? Good news, App Growth Summit Berlin is in May and App Growth Summit SF is in October. In the meantime, let’s chat about app growth. Just shoot us a message over at to get the conversation started.




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