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Facebook Set to End “Dark Posts” and Globally Launch “View Ads”

  While largely meant as a response to foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, the new policies impact all app marketers. How will you need to adjust your tactics? Last fall, Facebook announced the end of “dark posts” is near. The pivot in policy is meant to provide users with greater transparency into the […]

TMGA chimes in: should you be worried about Facebook’s new data policy?

  For the past week, marketers everywhere have been discussing Facebook’s ban on third-party data partners from direct targeting. This change is a direct response to Facebook’s recent data troubles as well as GDPR. Here are our thoughts on how this new policy will affect social marketing. Thanks to our CEO, Hamilton Bolduc, for providing […]

Top four ways to use Facebook’s dynamic creative

    App marketers can now use dynamic creative on Facebook. This feature takes an advertiser’s raw creative assets like images or videos, headlines, descriptive text, and CTA buttons and then automatically combines them into the best ad creative for each Facebook ad impression.   This feature makes it easy to follow a best practice […]

How to get Facebook users to install your app

  We have all sat through many panels and lectures on the ever-developing Facebook tools. We have heard that we should be leveraging our data to build lookalike models. However, the next shiny object distracts us from using the platform effectively and rationally.   The effective, rational approach to marketing mobile apps on Facebook involves […]