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TMGA chimes in: should you be worried about Facebook’s new data policy?

  For the past week, marketers everywhere have been discussing Facebook’s ban on third-party data partners from direct targeting. This change is a direct response to Facebook’s recent data troubles as well as GDPR. Here are our thoughts on how this new policy will affect social marketing. Thanks to our CEO, Hamilton Bolduc, for providing […]

Finding magic moments: how to look beyond the touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Data points should also serve a larger purpose in mobile: helping you create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. Counting conversions individually for acquisition and engagement [...]

Explore how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data at MWC Americas

  If machine learning sounds like a scary or nerdy topic to you, Paul will alleviate these fears. He’ll show you how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data, instead of the approximate 5% of your data that most app marketers use today. He’ll make the case that humans need the help […]