TMGA chimes in: should you be worried about Facebook’s new data policy?

For the past week, marketers everywhere have been discussing Facebook’s ban on third-party data partners from direct targeting. This change is a direct response to Facebook’s recent data troubles as well as GDPR. Here are our thoughts on how this new policy will affect social marketing. Thanks to our CEO, Hamilton Bolduc, for providing these insights:


“Facebook marketing will be more expensive and this will likely cripple marketers that are overly reliant on the social platform.


Now is an important time to consider diversifying your budget across more platforms and optimizing campaigns to offset the loss of spend on the platform. Channels like AdWords and Apple Search Ads as well as other social channels can help fill the lost marketing efficiencies for the time being, but looking to programmatic, ad networks, influencer marketing and other tactics will be important. The key here is to diversify and do so immediately.”


Read more about the change and the opinions shared from other agencies over on AdExchanger.




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