The cleaner the line between your product and their passions,

the bigger your wins.

Without TMGA

Your in-house team navigates the complexities of app marketing strategy, tactics, and infrastructure on their own.


It’s the first time they are doing some of the things that must be done to be successful.


When you’re sitting on big mobile opportunities…


When you’re the one responsible for achieving legendary app and game performance,


Only TMGA provides the fresh thinking, strategic insight and collaborative working style that results in scalable, sustainable success.



At TMGA, holistic strategies are constructed in harmony with your overall marketing and in answer to measurable business goals. We work openly with you to make sure the entire team is planning and working for your optimal balance of acquisition and engagement marketing.


We support companies like yours to ensure you’ve got the tools required to effectively manage and measure your app marketing investments. For most clients, this means better integration and optimization of marketing automation and CRM.


TMGA helps you hone in on the most meaningful metrics, making certain the right indices have been identified and that we’re tracking every campaign and initiative according to its stated objectives.


After all, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Collaboration & Communication

From our very first meeting, you’ll see how our approach to people and galvanizing teams sets us apart. For every engagement, we craft a custom plan to facilitate a streamlined yet free flow of information. Via consistent chat, email and phone calls, clients think of us more like a satellite office, the natural extension of your in-house team.


Paid Media

TMGA deploys its media experience on your behalf, negotiating, creating and managing display, audio and video marketing on ad exchanges, ad networks, OTT and other media outlets.

Social Media

We further support app growth with advertising on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and others.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

We’re known for our ability to increase your app’s visibility in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Influencer Marketing

Clients often ask us to leverage our mega, macro, and micro influencers to promote their apps and games.


In-App Messaging

In concert with you, TMGA creates high-impact campaigns that message users while they’re in your app, actively using it.

Push Notifications

We help you identify the critical moments and the relevant messages to send to your users’ home screens.


Personalized, hyper-segmented email campaigns creatively and effectively support your engagement goals.


Our track record proves: an inactive user is not a lost user. TMGA mines the data to help you uncover a wealth of opportunities.



The problem with epic wins is the element of surprise. TMGA aligns with clients that value consistent, scalable and sustainable results.

Attribution & Optimization

For segmentation and optimization, our vigilant eye on the data enables unprecedented precision and on-the-fly performance adjustments.


We measure and report on the effectiveness of your media spending; superior reporting underscores our ability to exceed your ROI expectations.

Wash, rinse, repeat

TMGA’s business passion, kindled by curiosity and ignited by ingenuity, means we’re constantly testing, challenging existing premises and working with you to better our best.

Our fresh perspective and refreshingly transparent approach leaves clients asking,
Why didn’t we just call TMGA in the first place?