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A Conversation on Influencer Marketing

  Discussion led by: Josh Burns, Founder, DigitalDevConnect   Learn the best practices from app marketers at Seriously and Quidd. During E3 in June, The Mobile Growth House hosted leading app marketers and game publishers for an afternoon of best practice sharing. Programmed in a roundtable discussion format, the event covered those marketing strategies most […]

The Power and Pitfalls of Mobile Game Influencers

  By Josh Burns, Founder, DigitalDevConnect   Influencer marketing strategies done right help smaller companies contend with games supported by bigger budgets in a competitive landscape. But success is not guaranteed. Influencers as a marketing strategy is more popular than ever, especially in the mobile gaming space. For small- and mid-sized companies with small- and […]

Get Out of the Casket, and Give the Eulogy: 7 Comedy Hacks for Better Sales Pitches and Client Service Presentations

  During our recent quarterly strategy pow wow, the TMGA family took a break from the meeting brain drain to join Pitch Lab for some professional development and team-building QT. The number-one fear of the average American is public speaking. Number two is death. Cue the Jerry Seinfeld joke: “So you’re telling me that at […]

Postback 2018 Recap: Mitigating Ad Fraud (and Other Scribblings)

  For the sixth year in a row this July, Tune hosted the top minds in the digital marketing community for the annual mobile event of the summer in Seattle. TMGA’s own Kristina Congiusta attacked an industry-wide challenge head-on in the session entitled “Mobile Fraud: It Takes an Ecosystem” – a conversation on transparency, technology, […]

The Trend Is Your Friend: Why You Should Already Be Buying on Connected TV

  With 75% of U.S. households now connected to OTT devices, your biggest risk with CTV is not buying in. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.   Millennial Joe and all his friends are cancelling their cable subscriptions. They prefer video streaming to live programming, as the term “broadcast” becomes obsolete. They expect to […]

How App Marketers Most Effectively Scale UAC

  Discover four best practices for deploying the Google product that puts marketers on the road to more users. Any app marketer attending a recent industry conference has probably sat in on at least one session discussing Universal App Campaigns (UAC), Google’s machine learning tool meant to put apps and games into the hands of […]

Press release: Head of Partnerships Joins Growing The Mobile Growth Agency Team

  Hire of seasoned app tech specialist Liz Emery marks continued business growth for App marketing agency. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA), a mobile app marketing agency, announced today that Liz Emery joined their team as Head of Partnerships. Emery is a seasoned app marketing expert with nearly a decade of mobile advertising, analytics, CRM, […]

How the Latest Google Play Redesign Affects Your ASO Strategy

  The most recent update to Google’s app store impacts app marketers and developers in three big ways. Unlike Apple, Google frequently adds new updates to its app store on a regular basis. Although a lot of these changes are minimal, the most recent update should be impactful for app marketers and developers.   Google […]

Facebook Set to End “Dark Posts” and Globally Launch “View Ads”

  While largely meant as a response to foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, the new policies impact all app marketers. How will you need to adjust your tactics? Last fall, Facebook announced the end of “dark posts” is near. The pivot in policy is meant to provide users with greater transparency into the […]

Consumers Spent How Much in App Stores Last Year? Damn.

  The mobile app marketing community descended on the desert in April at MAU Vegas 2018 for two days of growth, guacamole, and insane statistics. It’s 7:00 am. The casino floor is quiet, but not silent. The slots still sing their hopes of big payouts. The Killers, the Vegas-born rock stars, whisper encouragement into hopeful […]

Top 5 session takeaways from App Growth Summit NYC

This past month, App Growth Summit kicked off their first year of exclusive events in New York City. Industry leaders from across the United States shared their mobile app growth strategies to over 300+ app growth marketers, brand marketers, and other mobile app marketers and publishers. If you missed this debut event, keep on reading […]

Press release: The Mobile Growth Agency welcomes Director of Growth to team

  App marketing agency continues business growth with hire of seasoned digital strategist Dave Cote. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA), a mobile app marketing agency, announced today that Dave Cote joined their team as Director of Growth based in Boston. Cote is a seasoned digital strategist with over twelve years experience dedicated to increasing profitability […]

GDC 2018: Here’s what you missed

GDC, also known as Game Developers Conference, is the world’s largest professional game industry event. This past month, the TMGA team joined nearly 26,000 attendees for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. During our five days there, we came away with some key learnings, industry insights, and pieces of inspiration. Top 5 takeaways from […]

TMGA chimes in: should you be worried about Facebook’s new data policy?

For the past week, marketers everywhere have been discussing Facebook’s ban on third-party data partners from direct targeting. This change is a direct response to Facebook’s recent data troubles as well as GDPR. Here are our thoughts on how this new policy will affect social marketing. Thanks to our CEO, Hamilton Bolduc, for providing these […]

Top industry insights from Mobile Growth House ATX 2018

On March 10th, 2018, the sharpest minds in app and games came together to satisfy their hunger for user acquisitions, retention, and engagement. Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Mobile Meat-up included a full day of sessions about insights and hard-won lessons straight from our industry’s forefront.   During this year’s event, we […]

Top four ways to use Facebook’s dynamic creative

    App marketers can now use dynamic creative on Facebook. This feature takes an advertiser’s raw creative assets like images or videos, headlines, descriptive text, and CTA buttons and then automatically combines them into the best ad creative for each Facebook ad impression.   This feature makes it easy to follow a best practice […]

Press release: The Mobile Growth Agency achieves record revenue growth in Q4 2017

  Strong gaming and retail app marketing demand leads to optimal growth and client base expansions. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA), a mobile app marketing agency, announced today a record-setting growth in Q4 of 2017. This year-end development exceeded the company’s growth goal 4x. The agency attributes this success to their growing list of new […]

Press release: The Mobile Growth House to host second annual app marketing program in Austin

  Mobile growth leaders from TMGA will present innovations in user acquisition, retention, and engagement on Saturday, March 10th. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA) today announced the schedule for the second annual The Mobile Growth House in ATX. This year’s event, titled “Mobile Meat-Up ATX,” will take place at the iconic Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, and will […]

How does Apple Search Ads Basic stack up to Search Ads Advanced?

Apple Search Ads now offers two products, Search Ads Basic and Search Ads Advanced. Search Ads Advanced has been live since late 2016 and is available in a variety of countries, while Search Ads Basic was recently launched at the end of 2017 for US-only. The key differentiator between Search Ads Basic and Advanced is [...]

Press release: The Mobile Growth Agency accelerates 2018 success with new leadership hire

  Denver-based app marketing agency strengthens leadership team with seasoned app marketing executive. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA), a mobile app marketing agency, announced today that Sam Stromberg joined their team to develop their growing portfolio of brands and games. Stromberg comes with a wealth of experience within the app marketing industry, having spent the […]

Laying the foundation for profitable mobile user acquisition

  If you want to acquire mobile users at a profit, and most marketers do, then follow this one overarching piece of advice:   Don’t rush into spending on mobile user acquisition (UA)   Instead, lay a solid foundation for profitable mobile UA by collaborating with internal and external experts on KPI tracking, leveraging all […]

Learn the ins and outs of driving mobile growth at MWC Americas

  In the area of driving mobile growth, Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting, Urban Airship will lead a panel discussion with Lisa Ajdini, Director, Mobile Strategy, Caesars Entertainment and Shannon McKenzie, Director Product Development, NBC Sports. These talented women promise that attendees will come away with a better understanding of what’s working in mobile marketing today […]

Getting the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign

  A few short years ago everyone was wondering if Facebook would even be a viable ad platform. Today it’s very clear: Facebook ads work, and properly leveraging the platform and its tools is an effective way to reach your target audience, tweak campaigns as necessary, and test along the way.   TMGA’s own Sam […]

Marketing an app this holiday season? Hope for the best, but expect the worst.

  Marketers, imagine the holiday shopping season that is now upon us with this little poem:    ’Twas the holiday season, when phones were alight    With users all shopping and planning delight;    Creatives were made for inventory sources with care,    In hopes that more installs soon would be there.   This poem […]

A lesson from PewDiePie: the pitfalls of influencer marketing

  The world’s most popular YouTube star is in a reputational free-fall after a series of anti-Semitic videos recorded in January were uncovered by the Wall Street Journal.   Felix Kjellberg, known on YouTube as PewDiePie, has more than 53 million subscribers. He has amassed a huge following making videos featuring his own brand of irreverent […]

Dukes up: protect your mobile spend from ad fraud

  It is estimated that of the over $50 billion earned in the app stores last year, anywhere from $7.2 to $16.4 billion was earned fraudulently. You may be asking, “why are these ranges so large?” It is because many of these fraudulent buys are hidden behind anonymized IDs, and are harder to exclude from […]

How to get Facebook users to install your app

  We have all sat through many panels and lectures on the ever-developing Facebook tools. We have heard that we should be leveraging our data to build lookalike models. However, the next shiny object distracts us from using the platform effectively and rationally.   The effective, rational approach to marketing mobile apps on Facebook involves […]

How product-led companies are taking over the world at MWC Americas

  The half-day event titled “Aha Moments in App Marketing” at MWC Americas is almost upon us. The first session, hosted by Amplitude, features a fireside chat between two accomplished women in product: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product at Amplitude and Katherine Kornas, Group Product Manager at Pandora.   A new type of company is […]

Explore how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data at MWC Americas

  If machine learning sounds like a scary or nerdy topic to you, Paul will alleviate these fears. He’ll show you how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data, instead of the approximate 5% of your data that most app marketers use today. He’ll make the case that humans need the help […]

Press release: The Mobile Growth Agency to host app marketing program at MWC Americas

  Mobile growth leaders from Pandora, NBC Sports, Caesars Entertainment, and more will present strategies for acquiring and retaining mobile app users at this half-day event. The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA) today announced an official partnership with Mobile World Congress Americas on September 14, 2017, at the Moscone Center, in San Francisco. TMGA will host […]

Getting the most out of your app retargeting strategy

  A few short years ago everyone was wondering if Facebook would even be a viable ad platform. Today it’s very clear: Facebook ads work, and properly leveraging the platform and its tools is an effective way to reach your target audience, tweak campaigns as necessary, and test along the way.   TMGA’s Head of […]

Are you ready to boost mobile app growth with Google AdWords?

  Many app marketers rely on Google AdWords to fuel their growth. And with good reason. AdWords continually enhances its worth to app marketers with compelling features like universal app campaigns (UAC) and playable ads.   Using Google AdWords to successfully market an app requires three things:   1. Clearly defined app marketing goals 2. Knowledge of […]

Getting the most out of your app retargeting strategy: Part 2

  App retargeting significantly helps marketers retain their app users. But, it takes expertise within six key areas to get the most out of your app retargeting strategy. These key areas include strategy, goals, segmentation, personalization, frequency management, and attribution. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas.     Strategy   Many […]

Don’t get Fyred! Balancing the risks and rewards of influencer campaigns.

  Influencer marketing works because consumers typically respond better to influencers than to traditional advertising. For example, 84% of consumers claim to trust peer recommendations, compared to only 62% claiming that they trust traditional advertisements. With these stats in mind, there is no denying that influencer marketing can work. The secret to influencer marketing is […]

The beginning of everything: designing your app’s life

  The App Store has been around for nearly a decade and has seen countless apps come and go in that time. Currently, the App Store contains more than 2 million apps, all clamoring for your attention and vying for that coveted distinction as one of your go-to apps. With those odds, it might seem […]

How Pinterest went from web-only inspiration engine to an app marketing behemoth

  When it comes to explosive app growth, few companies have had as much success as Pinterest. Starting out as a web-only product discovery platform, the early days Pinterest employees saw the rise of mobile apps in the tea leaves and repositioned themselves accordingly, devoting resources and teams to the emerging frontier back in 2012. […]

Three retention strategies you can start using right now

  Identical apps launch all the time, sometimes the very same week. While user rates always fluctuate with time, it’s the app with an effective retention strategy in place that’s going to win out in the long run, even over seemingly identical competitors who get a faster start out of the gate.   At a […]

New ad solutions look to prevent billions wasted annually on fraudulent views

  It may sound like something straight out of Breaking Bad, but Methbots aren’t cooking up blue-tinted methamphetamine, they’re fraudulently siphoning millions and perhaps billions of dollars in ad revenue every year by pretending to watch videos on mobile ads. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.   According to Jonathan Zweig, previously founder […]

Examining the imprecise science of influencer marketing

  Influencer marketing campaigns are notoriously hit or miss. If you’re lucky enough to run a successful one, it’s akin to catching lightning in a bottle.   So is it worth it?   What’s the right way to do it? What’s the wrong way?   How do you pick an influencer to headline your campaign? […]

Engaging mobile app users: when, where and why

  The idea of mobile app engagement gets batted around the office of every brand with an app. Clearly, it’s mission critical to attract and retain mobile users, but doing it successfully comes with a host of questions. When and how to engage your mobile app users? How much is too much versus not enough? […]

The mobile growth tech stack: how many tools do you really need?

  Implementing an effective mobile growth tech stack for your mobile app is a balancing act. With so many tools to choose from and data points to measure, it’s easy to understand how no two stacks are created equal. We explore this recently at a Mobile Growth House event at SXSW. The panel of marketing and […]

Mobile app user acquisition: running at efficient scale

  The future of mobile app user engagement points squarely at video, which has become a huge growth area for mobile advertisers as the quality of content improves and the delivery technology becomes more sophisticated.   “People are trying to leverage video as much as possible,” said AppLovin’s Tom Lemrond in a recent wide-ranging panel […]


Recent Webinars and Videos

State of the App Economy

This presentation will discuss the current state of the App Economy from a marketing standpoint and outlines 3 mobile marketing tactics that practitioners should be aware of as we approach 2019. • Eric Seufert, Platform at N3TWORK   Subscribe for more mobile marketing insights.

Becoming a Mobile Champion

Today’s brands are expected to create innovative mobile strategies that compete with leading companies like Lyft, Nike, and Netflix. Developing cross-channel and cross-platform experiences to deliver seamless journeys is essential to a company’s success. Join Branch as we discuss how mobile champions drive revenue and master their data to bridge the gap between mobile websites […]

Unpacking the Power of Automation

With the launch of Universal App Campaigns, mobile marketers must shift the way they optimize an automated advertising solution. Join Google and our partners as we unpack best practices and the skills needed to drive success. • Brandon Lau, Partnerships Development Manager, Google • Alex Pan, Director, Performance Marketing, Seriously Digital Entertainment • Shaan Rupani, Growth,   […]

Right Time, Right Message

How growth teams are using creative and content to deliver relevancy to their users. We will discuss how this is playing out in paid and organic acquisition as well as engagement. Hear from top growth marketers about what they are doing today and what we can expect in the future. • Louis Tanguay, Managing Director & […]

Orchestrating engagement

Successful mobile brands are unifying digital data, acting on engagement analytics, and orchestrating interactions to meet their customers’ goals and needs. We’ll share three tips on how to get started with orchestration, and things to keep in mind as you design omnichannel experiences, starting with mobile. •Moderator: Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting, Urban Airship […]

Finding magic moments: how to look beyond the touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Data points should also serve a larger purpose in mobile: helping you create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. Counting conversions individually for acquisition and engagement […]

User acquisition from day-trading mindset to real long-term customer ROI

  Learn why apps are top brands’ customer touchpoint of choice, considering time spent, personalization, engagement, and retention. The app ecosystem is changing. App discovery and user acquisition are problematic with all-time high levels of noise, fraud, and limited reach — 10% of mobile ads result in installs, 50% of mobile users do not download […]

How product-led companies are taking over the world

The role of product teams has transformed. They are now responsible for creating loyal customers. PM is the new GM. Apart from setting direction, product teams are now also taking over functions like marketing, customer support, and revenue operations. Great product teams are removing every point of friction in transactions and customer operations. This is […]

Machine learning for mobile marketing

The technologies and new channels for reaching users in mobile have evolved at breakneck speed, but the marketing tools have struggled to keep pace.   In this talk, we will focus on how machine learning can provide marketers with dynamic out-of-the-box models to predict and prescribe the optimal marketing strategies along with forecasting estimates on […]

A study of cross-platform mobile experiences

Hear from the Director of Sales at Branch how one of the most popular hospitality companies has created a smooth user experience on mobile.   In early 2016, this brand doubled down on driving users to in-app content by ensuring their marketing links work across all of their digital channels.   In this video, you’ll […]

‘Aha! Moments’ in mobile marketing

TMGA’s Hamilton Bolduc and CleverTap’s Paul Brody share strategies for acquiring and retaining app users, how machine learning can help, and the latest tips and trends in app marketing from top mobile brands.

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