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We have all sat through many panels and lectures on the ever-developing Facebook tools. We have heard that we should be leveraging our data to build lookalike models. However, the next shiny object distracts us from using the platform effectively and rationally.


The effective, rational approach to marketing mobile apps on Facebook involves three key elements: Enhance. Empower. Employ. These are the key elements to running a successful mobile app install campaign on Facebook.


The enhance element signifies how content is queen on Facebook. The empower element recognizes the importance of ensuring that the user always feels in control. Finally, the employ element reminds marketers to find success by leveraging all of the tools that Facebook has developed to reach their true target audience. Let’s look at each of these elements a little more closely.





There is a well-known phenomenon that happens on Facebook where people present an embellished version of themselves and their lives. Well traveled, beautiful, fashion-forward, humanitarian, popular, original, relevant. This brings us to our first element, enhance. It is important to capitalize on the obvious importance of an embellished lifestyle by showing the right ad, in the right way, to the right people. Make your target user feel like their life will be even better with your app. If users feel that your ad or app has improved their lives, they will develop trust and loyalty. A positive initial reaction with your brand and product will go a long way for consumer loyalty.





The second piece of the equation is empowering your users to take action. There are many ways to guide your user to take action, but the most effective way is to make them believe it was their idea all along. You need to empower them and let them think they are in control. To plant this idea in your user’s mind, you must leverage the power of content. Try planting ideas like:


  •  • Live like a local in Venice with Groupon Getaways.
  •  • Make your friends super jealous with the hottest trends on Poshmark.
  •  • How can you possibly think of yourself as the trendiest one in the group if you don’t have tickets to Coachella? Download Ticketmaster!


If you can convince someone that your product is related to them on a personal level, they will have a greater commitment to using your product. Second, you should make the user feel like a savvy and responsible decision maker. Include results or product reviews in your creative or landing screen. Make them feel like they’ve done their research. Instead of advertising your product, advertise the satisfaction people feel after they adopt your product.





Lastly, employ Facebook’s many tools for targeting. Take advantage of all the information that Facebook’s users volunteer to the platform. There are thousands of ways to target on Facebook, and it’s important to take advantage of all of them. You can use different combinations to reach different consumers at a different stage in their shopping process. It’s also essential to take advantage of Facebook’s weaknesses. At the end of the day, Facebook is just like any other company. They are trying to make money and you can use this knowledge to boost your ad performance. For example, you can create the appearance that you intend to spend A LOT of money. You can structure campaigns so that Facebook calculates a very high payout from your ads. Or, you can exploit the limitations of the platform, such as its serving algorithm for creative.


When you want Facebook users to install your app, simply remember the three key elements: Enhance. Empower. Employ.




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