How product-led companies are taking over the world at MWC Americas


The half-day event titled “Aha Moments in App Marketing” at MWC Americas is almost upon us. The first session, hosted by Amplitude, features a fireside chat between two accomplished women in product: Sandhya Hegde, Director of Product at Amplitude and Katherine Kornas, Group Product Manager at Pandora.


A new type of company is taking over the world


Sandhya will kick-off the discussion with evidence that product-led companies like Pandora are taking over the world. She’ll discuss the amazing transformation that has been taking place over the last 5 to 10 years led by the advent of mobile and 2nd generation web applications where product led, customer experience focused companies have taken leadership positions in many different industries. Consumers engaging directly with products has made Product the new brand, the new distribution channel, and the new competitive advantage. You cannot rely on anything other than creating a great product experience to keep customers coming back.


Three things companies need to win in a Product Led World


Sandhya will introduce three best practices that every company needs to adopt in order to become a product-led company. These include:


  •  • Ship end-to-end customer experiences, not features. When you are making a change, think about how you can improve the overall customer journey starting from awareness and building up to loyalty. Think about every single aspect of your customer’s life — be obsessed! 
      •  • Organize and empower teams to move fast. Don’t limit decision making to a few people in your organization. Instead, move the decision making as close as possible to the people who speak to your customers to speed up innovation
        • ‣Stay accountable to business outcomes. Be sure to articulate how product teams affect your company’s business goals. Have a clear definition of success. Measure success and share the measurement across your organization.


    Five questions about product management at Pandora


    Transitioning to the fireside chat, Sandhya will ask Katherine all about product management at Pandora. Attendees will be the first to hear Katherine’s answers to key questions including:


    •  • What is Pandora’s product vision, and how has it evolved?
    •  • What does being a product-led company mean for Pandora?
    •  • What are some examples of how Pandora thinks about end to end customer experience?
    •  • How does Pandora move fast while reinventing? How do you organize to get insights and act on them quickly?
    •  • How does product accountability work at Pandora? Is Product accountable for revenue?


    Advice for business leaders wishing to implement a product-led strategy


    Business leaders that want to advocate for a product-led strategy in their organizations can get inspiration from Amplitude’s “Product Analytics Playbook.” This free e-book shows you how to focus on retention along the customer journey, increase value to your customer, and build customer loyalty using data and analytics.




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