How does Apple Search Ads Basic stack up to Search Ads Advanced?

How does Apple Search Ads Basic stack up to Search Ads Advanced?

Apple Search Ads now offers two products, Search Ads Basic and Search Ads Advanced. Search Ads Advanced has been live since late 2016 and is available in a variety of countries, while Search Ads Basic was recently launched at the end of 2017 for US-only.

The key differentiator between Search Ads Basic and Advanced is the targeting capabilities. Search Ads Advanced is available across not only the US, but several additional countries and will likely continue to lead the way when Apple announces new geos for Search Ads. Search Ads Advanced also allows for demographic and device targeting, giving you more flexibility when setting up your target audience. With the lack of demographic targeting on Search Ads Basic, you are likely to have a higher chance of untrackable, LAT-enabled installs. In addition to targeting there are a few other differences between Search Ads Basic and Advanced, which you can see below.


Apple search ads basic vs. advanced


Now that you’ve seen some of the difference between the Apple Search Ads product offerings, it’s time to decide which product fits your needs.


How do I decide which product is right for me?


Search Ads Basic is great for developers who have a limited budget and don’t have time or resources to dedicate to app marketing. For anyone with a higher budget and time to dedicate to marketing, with the additional features, Search Ads Advanced is the way to go.


Learn more about Search Ads Basic here and Search Ads Advanced here.

Originally published on LinkedIn by Miranda Chapman, Sr. Manager, Growth at TMGA.

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