Learn the ins and outs of driving mobile growth at MWC Americas


In the area of driving mobile growth, Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting, Urban Airship will lead a panel discussion with Lisa Ajdini, Director, Mobile Strategy, Caesars Entertainment and Shannon McKenzie, Director Product Development, NBC Sports. These talented women promise that attendees will come away with a better understanding of what’s working in mobile marketing today and dozens of ideas that you can put to work in your own mobile strategy.


Panelists to share mobile marketing strategies and tactics


Attendees will benefit from Alyssa’s background running mobile marketing strategy sessions with product, development, business intelligence, and marketing executives in leading brands all over the world. Alyssa says, “All of these things you see in the press about data silos, personalization, and how marketers are striving to achieve cross-channel and omni-channel experiences: I see people struggling with it. And I see that even some of the biggest brands and biggest companies with the most resources are still really challenged to bring great messaging and great experiences to life.”


Of course, some people have already been through the struggle, seen the aha moments in driving mobile growth, and can now share what they’ve learned with you. This is the value that Lisa Ajdini and Shannon McKenzie bring to the panel discussion.


Lisa has a very pointed and realistic perspective on what it takes to bring great loyalty marketing to life. She is focused on making a great experience for Caesars Entertainment customers, which uses mobile devices and the fact that these devices are with them on location.


Shannon brings the perspective of a brand marketer who is really savvy about all the different channels where people engage with sports and fan experiences. Shannon has a depth and breadth of experience in using mobile and cross-channel communications to engage end users and capture their interest.


Wide range of mobile marketing topics up for discussion


In the panel titled, “What’s Driving Mobile Growth Today? Tips & Trends from Top Brands,” Alyssa, Lisa, and Shannon will share the new (and tried and true) tactics, analytics and tech that mobile growth leaders are focusing on. Just some of the topics up for discussion include:


     • Targeting, believe it or not, because it’s something people still struggle with. Even basic levels of targeting — such as targeting by location, language, or operating system — is not being used as often as it could be.
     • Welcome series, which is a core fundamental for anyone who’s ever done lifecycle marketing.

     • Emojis and their quick uptake due to the desire to connect with people on a human level.

     • API-driven notifications that are allowing people to have really great customization and targeting.

     • Managing the customer experience, where you look at how people progress through the mobile experience, look at the places where they are getting caught, and develop plans to improve.

     • Messaging and what copy actually resonates with users.

     • ROI, including the imperative to tie your mobile marketing goals to business goals.


Get mobile growth tips and the confidence to use them


Overall, this panel with showcase the power and possibilities of the mobile marketing channel. All of the useful tips and tricks will come with a bit of advice about how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of the options in mobile marketing.


“Confidence comes when you know what you’re getting judged on, and what you can actually impact in your organization in your current role,” says Alyssa. “If you’re the person who is sending the push notification, then do simple A/B tests, record the results, and be vigilant about recording what’s working. If you’re somebody higher up in the organization who has the ability to impact the business outcomes for mobile, then think about what really moves your business in general. What’s the one thing — if your consumer did one thing, and that’s all that you can ask them to do — what would move your business? Is it buying something, is it reading something? What is it, and what tools in mobile can help you get there the fastest so that you can build upon it?”


You can read more about Urban Airship’s take on mobile growth on their blog.




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