Getting the most out of your app retargeting strategy: Part 2


App retargeting significantly helps marketers retain their app users. But, it takes expertise within six key areas to get the most out of your app retargeting strategy. These key areas include strategy, goals, segmentation, personalization, frequency management, and attribution. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas.



Many marketing teams don’t prioritize retargeting and throw it into the marketing mix as an afterthought. The notion of “growing” the user base is commonly associated with acquisition more so than retargeting. Growth should be a holistic strategy where you acquire and retain users that are generating revenue for your business. Retention tactics go beyond just product and communication strategies. Marketers should be building relationships in and out of the app experience.



When getting started with remarketing, marketers should ensure that all teams are aligned with retention goals and key metrics. Goals can range from trying to change user behavior to increase revenue to preventing user churn. Having clear and unified goals will make it easier for the organization to identify key, correlating events and metrics to measure performance.



The science of segmentation is to ultimately aggregate users with similar app behavioral traits or actions. It’s crucial for marketers to work closely with retargeting networks on the execution and strategies by segment. Execution includes identifying and passing the segments into the network, creative, bidding, and budgeting. The more sophisticated networks will be able to understand the value of each segment and customize the bids, along with the bid types (i.e. CPM vs. CPC), to achieve the highest return.



Marketers can personalize ads for each segment or use dynamic ads to provide an even more personalized experience at the individual level. Regarding creative, having a good understanding of the creative capabilities can either expand or limit what types of ad creative you’ll be able to generate.


Frequency Management

Scale can be challenging within retargeting campaigns given that the reachable audience is truly based on the segments that are targeted. Marketers and networks will have to collaborate on ad frequency to prevent audience and ad fatigue.



App retargeting adds a new level of complexity around attribution. Unless your team has internal business intelligence (BI) resources or has purchased a multi-touch measurement platform, it will be difficult to measure the effectiveness of your media spend versus other engagement programs like push notification, e-mail, and organic traffic. However, there are some best practices that you can follow.


Get these six things right and your app remarketing efforts will pay huge dividends!



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