GDC 2018: Here’s what you missed

GDC, also known as Game Developers Conference, is the world’s largest professional game industry event. This past month, the TMGA team joined nearly 26,000 attendees for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. During our five days there, we came away with some key learnings, industry insights, and pieces of inspiration.

Top 5 takeaways from GDC



From user acquisition and retention to monetization, every app marketer wants to know what trends to keep an eye out for. Here are the top 5 mobile gaming trends from GDC by our friends at AppLovin:


  1. 1. Console-quality mobile games are now a reality. Mobile graphics are on par with consoles like Playstation, Xbox, PC, and more. It only makes sense that consumers are dedicated more time to mobile gaming experiences.

  2. 2. Game communities need cleaning up. It’s no secret that gaming communities can be a bit toxic. Big names like Rovio, Blizzard, Epic, Riot, Supercell, and Twitch have joined the Fair Play Alliance to combat such communities.

  3. 3. AR is slowing going mainstream, but VR is still for enthusiasts. ARKit and ARCore make it easier for developers to create AR mobile experiences, a trend we only expect to continue growing. However, VR is slower to rise through the ranks.

  4. 4. Game discovery is a challenge for everyone. Let’s face it, app stores are noisy. ASO, SEO, word of mouth, and other UA strategies make it easier to get discovered.

  5. 5. Reaching the next billion gamers. Where are your next users going to come from? If GDC is right, India and China are great bets. Just make sure to look out for localization and internet giants if you want to break through to those regions.


Want to read more tips and insights? Read the full AppLovin blog by Lewis Leong titled Top 5 mobile gaming trends from GDC 2018 or check out Gummicube’s GDC recap.


Our favorite sessions



If you missed GDC this year, have no fear. Nearly all of the top sessions and panels are available online. Here are our favorite sessions that have to do with mobile gaming success:



Looking for more content? Check out the entire session lineup on GDC Vault.


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