Finding magic moments: how to look beyond the touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Data points should also serve a larger purpose in mobile: helping you create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. Counting conversions individually for acquisition and engagement is an important part, but it’s only the beginning. User journeys happen across channels, and finding the magic moments in your user’s journey to drive real value for them is critical. We’ll hear best practices about the types of data that help guide marketing decisions, some of the critical KPIs to keep track of to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t and some general discussion around the metrics that matter to mobile in a cross-platform world.
•Moderator: Amanda Vandiver, Partner Growth Manager, Branch
•Ana Albornoz, CRM Sr. Product Manager, OkCupid
•Moon Ahmed, Growth Analyst,
•Jonathan Hastings, Product, iOS & Mobile, Rent The Runway




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