Explore how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data at MWC Americas


If machine learning sounds like a scary or nerdy topic to you, Paul will alleviate these fears. He’ll show you how to base marketing decisions on 100% of your app data, instead of the approximate 5% of your data that most app marketers use today. He’ll make the case that humans need the help of machine learning to get the maximum value out of their mobile app data.


Machine learning makes a big difference


Here’s just one example from Paul of how machine learning can improve a marketer’s decision-making capabilities. Consider a marketer who sells movie tickets online. If the marketer is left to his or her own devices and studies mobile app data, he or she can effectively pinpoint approximately 1% of their audience who is likely to buy based on the presence of certain characteristics. If the marketer were to embrace machine learning and apply a model to the same set of mobile app data, he or she could improve the conversion rates by 35% to 50%. This is because a good machine learning model increases the fidelity of what the marketer can know about an audience. The marketer gains deeper insights into which segment of their audience has the characteristics of people who buy, which segment of their audience doesn’t and the gradients in between.


Machine learning is not science fiction, it’s real


Machines are very good at looking at lots of data, identifying patterns, and generating insights from the patterns. Attendees of Paul’s presentation will walk away with an understanding that machine learning models can be relied on, that they can be trusted, and that you can get great benefit out of basing your marketing strategies on what these models are telling you. And of course, you don’t have to take Paul’s word for it because machine learning is testable. You can start slowly by trying these models and by adapting your marketing strategies to what they are telling you. When you see positive results, you’ll know it’s working.


Try machine learning with CleverTap


Marketers who are ready to try machine learning for themselves can learn more about it from CleverTap’s website. CleverTap is a global company with over 4000 brands using the solution today. It helps companies — large and small — and has some of the largest enterprise companies on its app analytics and user engagement platform, in addition to innovative start-ups. This gives the company a broad view into what’s going on in the marketplace and how marketers are using machine learning. Since its inception, CleverTap has helped companies leverage data in meaningful ways and helped marketers benefit from data science. CleverTap can help you use all of the app data at your disposal to make the best possible decisions.




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