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The Mobile Growth House is a group of companies that are leading the charge in the mobile app ecosystem. Our mission is to arm you with an arsenal of app marketing tools and tactics to drive your business forward through your mobile app. We host a series of events packed with insights from our team and from our leading partners in app marketing. You’ll get our very best strategies and tips for acquiring and retaining app users. And, you’ll get new ideas for how to grow your business with app marketing.

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Finding Magic Moments: How to Look Beyond the Touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Data points should also serve a larger purpose in mobile: helping you create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more.

How Product-Led Companies Are Taking Over the World

Great product teams are removing every point of friction in transactions and customer operations. This is possible thanks to the zetabytes of data being generated by customers as they interact with products. Now more than ever, product leaders need to enable democratic access to behavioral insights from this data across their organization to speed up decision-making and be successful.

User Acquisition From Day-Trading Mindset to Real Long-Term Customer ROI

The app ecosystem is changing. App discovery and user acquisition are problematic with all-time high levels of noise, fraud, and limited reach — 10% of mobile ads result in installs, 50% of mobile users do not download new apps. This panel will explore how to reach and acquire quality mobile users for long-term ROI.

Engaging Users: When, Where and Why

How do you define engagement and what are examples of good engagement? Take a deeper look at how companies are engaging their customers and how are CRM and ad technology can help them do it. As Kristin Lewis from HomeMe explains, “engagement is all about building trust with your users, respecting their privacy, educating them properly and nudging them down to the appropriate place in the funnel.

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