Dukes up: protect your mobile spend from ad fraud

Dukes Up


It is estimated that of the over $50 billion earned in the app stores last year, anywhere from $7.2 to $16.4 billion was earned fraudulently. You may be asking, “why are these ranges so large?” It is because many of these fraudulent buys are hidden behind anonymized IDs, and are harder to exclude from a whole media plan.


There are three things you need to know about to defend your mobile ad spend from fraudsters and even recapture past losses. You need to know about:


 • Types of scams — Scams range from savvy operations like Methbots to low-tech methods like endlessly clicking without watching your ad. Both put your time and marketing dollars at risk of going to waste.


 • Strides in detection — Thankfully, companies are catching onto this kind of fraud and are making strides to improve the mobile marketing ecosystem. Industry players including agencies, ad networks, and brands are developing solid strategies to prevent billions of dollars from being wasted annually on fraudulent views.


 • How you can fight ad fraud — You can apply the leading tactics in fighting fraud at your own company by learning the best practices and most effective ways to prevent wasted ad spend.


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