Case Study

Top Security Company Quadruples User Acquisition of Its Mobile VPN Apps with The Mobile Growth Agency


A top-tier security company partnered with The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA) to generate user awareness and increase acquisition for its mobile apps, while remaining ROI positive throughout the campaigns.


4x increase in installs, while maintaining down-funnel performance metrics

Accelerated scale and learnings, allowing the company to bring its app marketing functions in-house

   As we had growing pains, TMGA worked alongside us and was able to hit our goals as they changed, and also help us learn what our goals were.


TMGA delivered success by:

Identifying the most effective channels and redirecting focus towards premium, self-attributing networks.

Adapting to shifting key performance indicators (KPIs) when growth dictated a quick pivot in strategy.

Supporting the company’s app marketing team with resources and education as its internal staff evolved.

The Full Story

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