Case Study

Backflip Studios Exceeds Its ROI Goal for Retargeting by Over 10x


The goal for all app marketing campaigns at Backflip Studios is to achieve 100% ROI or better. When The Mobile Growth Agency approached Backflip Studios with a plan to outperform this goal by retargeting users of the DragonVale app with RevX, Backflip Studios agreed and the plan was set into motion.


Outperformed the ROI Goal by 10x to 20x

TMGA and RevX have outperformed the 100% ROI goal by 10x to 20x every month since implementing the retargeting campaign in Q1 2017, resulting in 1000% to 2000% ROI for retargeting.

Achieved 1000% to 2000% ROI for Retargeting

Based on this success, Backflip Studios has started retargeting campaigns for other apps in its portfolio including Transformers and DragonVale World.


Leverage the RevX platform’s real-time audience segmentation engine to retarget different segments of the DragonVale user base such as new lapsed purchasers, dormant lapsed purchasers, and users who have not yet made a purchase.

Make retargeting an evergreen tactic by using creatives with “play now” messaging in addition to creative with event-based messaging.

Use postbacks from Backflip Studio’s attribution partner, Kochava, to dynamically retarget DragonVale users.

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