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Achieve 100% ROI or better by retargeting users of the DragonVale app.


TMGA and RevX have outperformed the ROI goal by 10x to 20x every month since implementing the retargeting campaign in Q1 2017.

“The retargeting campaign for DragonVale by TMGA and RevX has really formalized the need and desire for re-engagement campaigns for all our apps. It has driven home the value add of re-engagement for the entire studio. Every other mobile app should be running campaigns to bring their users back, too.”

Greg McQueen

User Acquisition Manager


Define and execute an onboarding strategy for users of the MassRoots app for the Canabis community.


TMGA improved the onboarding conversion rate for MassRoots’ app by 25%.

“We’re so glad to work with TMGA as our mobile agency of record because they produce data-driven results across all aspects of app marketing. Our needs started with acquisition and evolved to include strategy and engagement, so the flexibility to shift our focus from acquisition to engagement was a key component of our success.”

Kevin Shiuan

Director of Product Management


Scale, test, and manage a wide range of sources for acquiring loyal app users in a rapidly maturing mobile media marketplace.


TMGA steadily decreased the cost per install metric and enhanced RetailMeNot’s ability to measure and drive loyalty.

“TMGA enables us to grow with the market as it matures because they know how to vet any source that may be interesting. We have a hard line where we know how we’re judging one source versus the other and how to apply media spend to the best performing options.”

Vivian Chang

Director, Digital Marketing


Build and grow an audience for the company’s premiere game, Creature Quest.


TMGA helped cost effectively grow the Creature Quest audience to where it is today, driving over 750,000 total installs.

“TMGA helps us with our overall business, which is a big separation point from a lot of user acquisition agencies. Some agencies just want to buy media, and that’s it. TMGA looks at all the metrics, they care about the revenue that comes in from the acquisition activities, and they focus on the overall growth of Creature Quest.”

Avi Rosenstein

VP, Marketing and Communications


Generate user awareness and increase acquisition for its mobile apps.


TMGA helped accelerate scale and learnings, leading to a 4X increase in app installs.

“As we had growing pains, TMGA worked alongside us and was able to hit our goals as they changed, and also help us learn what our goals were.”

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