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How product-led companies are taking over the world

The role of product teams has transformed. They are now responsible for creating loyal customers. PM is the new GM. Apart from setting direction, product teams are now also taking over functions like marketing, customer support, and revenue operations.   Great product teams are removing every point of friction in transactions and customer operations. This [...]

Machine learning for mobile marketing

The technologies and new channels for reaching users in mobile have evolved at breakneck speed, but the marketing tools have struggled to keep pace.   In this talk, we will focus on how machine learning can provide marketers with dynamic out-of-the-box models to predict and prescribe the optimal marketing strategies along with forecasting estimates on [...]

‘Aha! Moments’ in mobile marketing

TMGA's Hamilton Bolduc and CleverTap's Paul Brody share strategies for acquiring and retaining app users, how machine learning can help, and the latest tips and trends in app marketing from top mobile brands.     The Mobile Growth AgencyThe Mobile Growth Agency creates and executes comprehensive strategies to acquire and engage mobile app users. [...]