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A Conversation on Influencer Marketing

  Discussion led by: Josh Burns, Founder, DigitalDevConnect   Learn the best practices from app marketers at Seriously and Quidd. During E3 in June, The Mobile Growth House hosted leading app marketers and game publishers for an afternoon of best practice sharing. Programmed in a roundtable discussion format, the event covered those marketing strategies most […]

The Power and Pitfalls of Mobile Game Influencers

  By Josh Burns, Founder, DigitalDevConnect   Influencer marketing strategies done right help smaller companies contend with games supported by bigger budgets in a competitive landscape. But success is not guaranteed. Influencers as a marketing strategy is more popular than ever, especially in the mobile gaming space. For small- and mid-sized companies with small- and […]

Orchestrating engagement

Successful mobile brands are unifying digital data, acting on engagement analytics, and orchestrating interactions to meet their customers' goals and needs. We’ll share three tips on how to get started with orchestration, and things to keep in mind as you design omnichannel experiences, starting with mobile.   •Moderator: Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting, Urban [...]

Finding magic moments: how to look beyond the touchpoint

Data-driven: it’s something mobile marketers know they should be, but infinite amounts of data and analytics don’t automatically translate into insights. Data points should also serve a larger purpose in mobile: helping you create more valuable and seamless user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more. Counting conversions individually for acquisition and engagement [...]

User acquisition from day-trading mindset to real long-term customer ROI

  Learn why apps are top brands’ customer touchpoint of choice, considering time spent, personalization, engagement, and retention. The app ecosystem is changing. App discovery and user acquisition are problematic with all-time high levels of noise, fraud, and limited reach — 10% of mobile ads result in installs, 50% of mobile users do not download [...]

Top four ways to use Facebook’s dynamic creative

    App marketers can now use dynamic creative on Facebook. This feature takes an advertiser’s raw creative assets like images or videos, headlines, descriptive text, and CTA buttons and then automatically combines them into the best ad creative for each Facebook ad impression.   This feature makes it easy to follow a best practice […]

How product-led companies are taking over the world

The role of product teams has transformed. They are now responsible for creating loyal customers. PM is the new GM. Apart from setting direction, product teams are now also taking over functions like marketing, customer support, and revenue operations.   Great product teams are removing every point of friction in transactions and customer operations. This [...]

Machine learning for mobile marketing

The technologies and new channels for reaching users in mobile have evolved at breakneck speed, but the marketing tools have struggled to keep pace.   In this talk, we will focus on how machine learning can provide marketers with dynamic out-of-the-box models to predict and prescribe the optimal marketing strategies along with forecasting estimates on [...]