Are you ready to boost mobile app growth with Google AdWords?


Many app marketers rely on Google AdWords to fuel their growth. And with good reason. AdWords continually enhances its worth to app marketers with compelling features like universal app campaigns (UAC) and playable ads.


Using Google AdWords to successfully market an app requires three things:


1. Clearly defined app marketing goals

2. Knowledge of the best AdWords features for reaching your stated goals

3. An ability to inform audience segmentation and campaign optimization with analytics


You can find out if you’re ready to market an app with Google AdWords using the questions and feature matrix included below.


First, define your app marketing goals with these questions:


  •  Are you looking to acquire users?
  •  Are you looking to turn users into subscribers or shoppers?
  •  What action are you encouraging people to take and when will that action take place?
  •  Are you measuring and optimizing for customer lifetime value?


Second, align the best AdWords features to your stated goals with this matrix:


Third, consider your readiness to fully leverage analytics with these questions:


  •  • Do you have experience using analytics to inform audience segmentation?
  •  • Do you have experience using analytics to inform campaign optimization?


Every marketer responsible for app marketing has a duty to fully leverage AdWords. When marketers go through the process of defining goals, choosing tactics, and mining analytics to improve their campaign, they become an unstoppable force for growth. Of course, marketers can also work with TMGA to skip the learning curve and go straight to unstoppable growth.




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