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Serious app & game marketers team up with TMGA for full-funnel, full-stack, full-on performance.


Develop the strategy & systems that align with broader goals, including automation & CRM optimization.


Leverage savvier paid media, social media, app store optimization (ASO) and influencer marketing.


Deploy hyper-segmented in-app messaging, email, push notifications and retargeting.


Accurately measure and attribute for smarter allocations, maximum ROI and real-time improvement.

We’re 99% data, 1% caffeine

Here’s a few stats to stimulate your app marketing appetite:

For brand and product marketers, it’s all ‘appening.

For game publishers, it’s game-on.

The retargeting campaign for DragonVale by TMGA and RevX has really formalized the need and desire for re-engagement campaigns for all our apps. It has driven home the value add of re-engagement for the entire studio. Every other mobile app should be running campaigns to bring their users back, too.

Greg McQueen

User Acquisition Manager

We’re so glad to work with TMGA as our mobile agency of record because they produce data-driven results across all aspects of app marketing. Our needs started with acquisition and evolved to include strategy and engagement, so the flexibility to shift our focus from acquisition to engagement was a key component of our success.

Kevin Shiuan

Director of Product Management

TMGA enables us to grow with the market as it matures because they know how to vet any source that may be interesting. We have a hard line where we know how we’re judging one source versus the other and how to apply media spend to the best performing options.

Vivian Chang

Director, Digital Marketing

TMGA helps us with our overall business, which is a big separation point from a lot of user acquisition agencies. Some agencies just want to buy media, and that’s it. TMGA looks at all the metrics, they care about the revenue that comes in from the acquisition activities, and they focus on the overall growth of Creature Quest.

Avi Rosenstein

VP, Marketing and Communications

Mobile mastery isn’t a solo sport.
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Curiosity compels us.
Integrity guides us.
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Accelerating mobile growth is no small feat. That’s why TMGA connects you with your best users with full-funnel, full-stack, full-on marketing performance. Our near-clinical obsession with data relevancy, veracity and integrity (diagnosis pending) leads to more actionable insight and intelligence… which leads to a more productive, more efficient, more accountable agency relationship… which leads to smarter allocations and more quantifiable victories… which leads you to your happy place.

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